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We keep people mobile and active that live with Parkinson's with worko

About the Punch Out Parkinson's Program (POPP)

Our mission is to encourage people with Parkinson's disease to overcome the obstacles of their symptoms through non-contact boxing; building strength of mind, and body connection.

Punch out Parkinson's Program was started by a determined Parkinson's patient and an RN with roughly 25 years of experience in the medical field helping those with mobility related diseases. They have had their 501(c)3 designation since March 10, 2020.

    They run these programs on an absolute skeleton budget. The programs only run by support from awesome people. There is no cure, but this helps those with a disease stay active.

“Parkinson's patients are the experts on what we have. We have a responsibility as patients to share our experience — what works for us, what we respond to, what we can contribute to research.” — Michael J. Fox

Our organization is bringing those patients out to join a group of friends to discuss ideas and enlighten those around us that do not understand the disease. The wives, husbands and friends that have questions or need to understand will benefit greatly from the program.


Box Beat Gym- ONGOING

Location: 4553 N. Loop 1604 W., Suite 1209, San Antonio, Texas 78259

Meeting Time: Every Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 11am promptly


Hardberger Park, Ecology Center- ONGOING

Location: 8400 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, Texas 78231

Meeting Time: Every Tue. & Thurs. morning from 9am to 10am promptly


Support Group(s)

Movers and Shakers - SECOND SATURDAY of every month from 10am to 11:30am at Methodist Rehabilitation Hospital - 19126 Stonehue, San Antonio, Texas 78258

Care Partners (Only) Support Group - THIRD MONDAY of every month from 10am to 11:30am at Methodist Rehabilitation Hospital (Same Address)

The Grind

Check out some of the action


From those that serve and sweat 

Punch out Parkinson’s provides a great opportunity for individuals with Parkinson’s and their caregiver. Boxing is offered 4 days a week. The group usually starts out with some low impact warm up and stretching exercises. Then boxing gloves are put on and individuals are given instructions as they use the punching bags. We enjoy going since it provides an opportunity for my wife and I to socialize with others who are living through Parkinson’s. One of the key element of this program is getting up and moving around which is an important activity for PWP. We are so grateful to be able to participate in this activity.
    Paul Moreno
I have Parkinson's Disease and for the last two years (a wild guess, like all my attempts to fix events in some chronological order) I've been involved with Punch Out Parkinson's. Our leaders, Raul, Dianne, and Sam have made Sam Randazzo's boxing gym on Nacogdoches Rd. a welcoming venue for anyone who believes that "exercise is therapy" and who seek a safe and supportive place to POP. Ray and Leo, assisted by Aaron, lead us in stretching exercises and then put us through a variety of punching drills. Everyone does the best they can with the bags and the pads. There's even time to socialize and inquire about the highs and lows in our daily routines. For me, PD-induced fatigue is a real problem but I always feel better (and more hopeful) after POP.
    Jacking "Lightning" Elder
Hello Raul, two days after my spouse rejoined your Punch Out Parkinson's in the park group, he took his 1st walk outside in 11 months. Thank you for offering this program, it Works!
    Gail Dickman
I have attended boxing through the POPP program for at least years, and it's been a lifesaver for me. Now that there are classes four times a week, I can make sure that I attend at least one, even if I have a doctor appointment. The workouts can be tough, but I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I leave. The friendships I have made through the program mean a lot to me.
    Allan Jones

Our Team

As stated earlier, POPPSA is a very new, young and humble 501(c)3 working with an extremely small budget. The intent of our organization is to raise enough money in order to give back in any way we can to patients. Parkinson's is not a death sentence and through activity, we can show it!

Punch Out Parkinson's - Board of Directors

Raul V. Garza


Kelsey Menzel

Vice President

Ramon Rodriguez


Allan Jones


Dianne Johnson, RN


Rolando Bono


Officers constitute Executive Board of Directors


Please talk to us if you need support or just need to talk. Better yet, JUST SHOW UP!

+1 210 827 5949

For general information and questions call +1 210 374 7591